AAAAHHHNNNDDDIII is a highly energetic genderqueer non-binary organism that reveals themselves in a multimedia show full of energising hard electronic dance hymns.

Their performances consist of noisy and rhythmically versatile beats, that guide their widely ranged voice to wander from fast cheeky rapping to voluminous uplifting singing. AAAAHHHNNNDDDIII’s unique mix of German and English language playfully celebrates self-empowerment, queer identities and radical friendslove. Animated lyrical visuals let the audience dive into the encouraging message, inviting everyone to join and connect in karaoke-like singalong ecstasies.

Since their beginning in 2018, AAAAHHHNNNDDDIII has presented over 200 shows through 18 different countries, constantly feeding their desire to perform, sing, dance, sweat, shout and smile. They are grateful and excited to meet you and to together turn the room into a space of joyful sparkle.